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SAP Investment Management (IM)

SAP Investment Management (IM)


The SAP Investment Management (IM) module/component provides functions to support the planning, investment, and financing processes for:

Organisations Capital investments projects, such as the acquisition of fixed assets or maintenance of existing capital investment facilities. The term investment is not limited only to investments you capitalize for bookkeeping or tax purposes. An investment can be any measure that initially causes costs, and that may only generate revenue or provide other benefits after a certain period of time has elapsed (for example, plant maintenance projects).

The IM component contains functions for managing investments in the area of fixed assets. Financial assets are managed in the Treasury component.

This course provides the overview of Investment Management business processes, and also discuss the various steps required to customize IM module, including configuring investment programs, configuring appropriation requests, configuring investment projects as investment measures, modifying existing drilldown reports, and configuring the summarization database.

Target audience

This course is intended for the following audiences:

  • Members of the project team who are responsible for implementing the Investment Management (IM) component
  • Business Analysts
  • SAP consultant that wants learn IM module
  • Company end users
  • Graduates
Course Prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge of SAP Project System (PS), Internal Orders (CO-OM-OPA), and Maintenance Orders (PM-WOC-MO)
Course Objectives

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Configure investment programs
  • Configure appropriation requests
  • Configure investment projects as investment measures
  • Modify existing drilldown reports
  • Configure the summarization database

Course Syllabus

Unit 1
  • Introduction to SAP and GUI navigation

  • Overview of Investment management Module

Unit 2: Overview of Business Processes in Investment Management
  • Understanding Business Processes of IM

Unit 3: Investment Programs

Defining program types, maintaining allowed values for various fields

  • Generating investment programs from other organizational hierarchies
  • Uploading and downloading investment programs
  • Defining planning and budget profiles
  • Specifying budget distribution to measures
  • Assigning maintenance orders automatically for investment programs
Unit 4: Appropriation Request
  • Entering the screen layout for appropriation requests
  • Defining partner determination procedures and partner functions
  • Specifying number assignment and coding masks for the appropriation request number
  • Defining appropriation request types
  • Defining allowed entries for master data fields and user fields
  • Setting up plan profiles for plan costs and plan revenue
  • Specifying yield curves for determining the net present value
  • Defining approval workflows
Unit 5: Projects as Investment Measures
  • Defining project profiles and investment profiles
  • Defining plan and budget profiles and make settings for availability control
  • Specifying settlement structures, source structures, and settlement profiles
  • Defining capitalization keys
  • Setting up statistical budget monitoring
  • Listing Customizing differences between investment projects and investment orders
Unit 6: Information System
  • Configuring the IM Information System

  • After completing this lesson, the participant will be able to

  • Adapt the standard report tree to the special needs of your enterprise

  • Define status selection profiles

  • Work with forms and drilldown reports

  • Change existing drilldowns

  • Generate summarization databases

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