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Why train with us

Why should you come to us? Simply because we are the best!

100% Placement Assistance

Our training does not end at the end of the training session. With our 100% placement assistance we guaranteed to be there for you till you realise your aim of coming to us. After your training/certification our recruitment consultant will sit with you one on one and see how best we could put together a killer resume for you based on your experience and your acquired skills.

Industry Leading Tutors

Our tutors are not just tutors, they’re actually real practitioners with many years of industry experience spanning across various sectors. Our tutors will put your hands to work and not just blowing slides in-front of you. They will answer all your questions during your training session and even after your training with us.

A Resourcing Firm

As a resource augmentation company we pride ourselves, and we believe we stand a better chance to assist you in your career growth, because this is what we do and we do it best. No one is more qualified to help you in the this journey than we do.

Asap Methodology

This is where we will take you through the ASAP Project Implementation Methodology. By going through these  6 stages of Implementation road Map with you, this will make you become a full/complete consultant, because your training session is actually only a part of the stages of the ASAP road Map. We will show you how to make project documentations and even only this can make you stand out among other cut and nail consultants. Every project without a proper documentation is an incomplete project. We will also show you how to gather requirements during the blueprint phase of the implementation from a business analyst perspectives, showing you how to alter standard SAP business process flow map if need be. Using various BPMN tools like; ArisExpress, Visio, Congruence etc
Below are the ASAP implementation road map stages;
1. Project Preparation
2. Blueprint
3. Realisation/configuration
4. Final Preparation
5. Go-live
6. Run

See more of why we’re the best:

  1. We know the market and we understand it better
  2. Our tutors are the best in the market
  3. Our trainings are purely hands on based, No stories!!!!!!!
  4. Many years of industry experience
  5. CV assistance and corrections
  6. System access for 3months 24/7
  7. As also a recruitment firm, so we know how best to help you put your CV right that will attract the attention of any employer.
  8. We will give you a straight forward and candid advice on how to achieve your desired result rather than telling you otherwise in order to win you.
  9. We will provide you with enough examination questions and answers, including interview questions and answers/tips to help you in this journey.
  10. We are centrally located. Underground station is just 2minutes walk from us.



We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week to assist you.

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